Tina F

Phil Mateshaytis |

I wanted to take my retail/workshop space that totalled over 2000/sq. ft and reduce it down to half the size. I needed to see how the space looked and functioned before the construction began and the business was closed for the renovation. I was nervous about taking on such a huge undertaking with my livelihood, but thankfully, Phil had the patience, honesty and understanding to listen to all my concerns and help me problem solve the numerous design issues that arose. His passion for the success of the finished project is immense, his guidance and knowledge was immeasurable and the 3D visuals allowed me to work (and "walk") through the space before any physical work was started . As a "team", we create a beautiful, modern, user-friendly, functional space for my businesses very specific needs. I highly recommend Method.... in an industry that relies on knowledge and experience, this company excels in every aspect.

Relationship: Client
Project Date: June 2014