Supreme Menswear

Phil Mateshaytis |

Phil was involved in every aspect of the project. I do not believe the word impossible is in Phil’s vocabulary. Keeping to his training and talents as a designer, Phil is truly what I would call a designer’s designer. Through his experience, he will offer up ideas and suggestions. However, I never felt like I was being swayed away from my vision and overshadowed. I felt with his patience and strong communication skills we made the perfect team and I never felt like he was trying to make it his show. A testament to his character comes through as he became like family to everyone who got to know him and his wife Tina during this renovation. We have stayed in touch and remain friends to this day. We continue to expand on the renovation of years past, and I am looking forward to the next one we perform together.

Commercial Design Services in Calgary for Supreme Menswear by Method Residential Design